NENA 2nd VP Goals:

Advance 9-1-1 technologies and collaborate with non-traditional providers

Provide accessible training for Chapter Leaders & Telecommunicators

Increase collaboration & information sharing among local chapters

Increase awareness of operational impacts on telecommunicators

Professional Goals:

Advance the Florida Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association to a more professional level by implementing formal business processes and to make the Florida Chapter one of the most progressive of all the Chapters.

Enhance operational efficiency in the Charlotte County 9-1-1 Communications Centers through implementation of new and advanced technologies.

Support State of Florida region-wide initiatives in the advancement of NG911

Become a member of the NENA Board of Directors in an effort to advance the NENA Mission: (The 9-1-1 Association improves 9-1-1 through research, standards development, training, education, outreach, and advocacy.)

Mentor future 9-1-1  Leaders

Obtain the Project Management Professional Certification