Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office E911 Coordinator since 2011 

  • As E911 Coordinator I Implemented text to 9-1-1 and upgrades to 9-1-1 Equipment and Services 

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Public Safety Operator from 1991-2011 (Operator, Supervisor and Training Coordinator

  • As Training Coordinator, I coordinated the effort with our staff that led to the State Certification of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Communications Training Program and received an accommodation for the effort.  

Appointed to the Florida E911 Board as an At Large Representative in 2014 and is currently serving in that role.

  • As an at large representative on the E911 board, I represent all  FL the counties (small, medium and large) and act in their best interests regarding funding and technology.

Currently serving as the President of the Florida Chapter of the National Emergency Number Assn, Inc. I have been  a member of the Executive Board since 2012 serving in the positions of Education Committee Chair, 2nd Vice President, Vice President and President.

  • As the Florida NENA President, our team has Incorporated the Chapter and we are  working to become a 501c3 organization. We have implemented and continue to implement policies that will guide future Executive Board Members while providing consistency in coming years.
  • As the Florida NENA Education Chair, our committee re-implemented the ENP Study Group which is still active today and has been very successful with participants from all over the country.  I also had the opportunity to lead our team in the presentation of the Florida 9-1-1 Bootcamp which is well attended each year at our Annual State Conference.

NENA Education Advisory Board member since 2014. 

  • As an Advisory Board Member, I have been working towards creation of online training.