Laurie Anderson, Mother to three sons, stepmother to 3 daughters, grandmother of 11 and married to Retired Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, Major Mike Anderson. Hobbies include being a grandmother and traveling with my husband and just enjoying family and life. When time permits, I enjoy unwinding with yoga and exercise.  I am the 911 Manager for Charlotte County, Florida. As the 911 Manager, I aim to improve 9-1-1 technology and services within the county under the constraints of funding limitations. I strive to make change within the industry through professional organization affiliations such as the National Emergency Number Association of which I am in the role of President. I am a Certified Emergency Number Professional and a goal driven individual that seeks opportunities to learn and share knowledge with others about the 9-1-1 Industry. I am actively involved in Florida Regional 9-1-1 Initiatives and promote advancement of 9-1-1 within our state.