Testimonials of Good Character

  • ” I have had the pleasure of working with Laurie over the past 26 years. She is a true leader and professional in the development and implementation of 911 systems. Her knowledge of the industry is critical to keeping out agency at the forefront of 911 service.”

Major Earl Goodwyne, Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office

  • “Over the past several years I have had the fortunate opportunity to get to know and work with Laurie Anderson. Knowledgeable, professional, personable, fair to work with and able to look at situations from a “big picture” point of view are some of her key attributes.

Tim Gundlach – TGundlach Resource Agency, LLC

  • “Laurie is a valued member on several NENA committees and is that rare blend of someone well versed in several areas of the 9-1-1 industry and also able to quickly learn about new industry technology and understand its impact for the PSAP. She    is an early adopter of NG9-1-1 technology and is willing to help educate others, advocate for needed changes and push the industry forward.”

Sherri Griffith Powell, Mission Critical Partners

  • “In my 20+ years working in or in support of a PSAP, I have only met one other individual with as much intelligence, drive, and enthusiasm as Laurie. She sees a need, works with others to develop a plan to address, and tracks progress through completion. I am amazed at the insight and drive Laurie brings to every conversation and situation…she sees every problem as an opportunity to achieve success.

Keith Godwin, Alachua County 911 Coordinator

  • “As members of NENA, we are all aware of the changes taking place in our industry. Vendors are consolidating, location accuracy is finally being addressed, GIS and Cybersecurity are demanding our attention. Meanwhile, the daily mission continues. Laurie has established herself as a dedicated leader who takes the time to review details and is not afraid to ‘dig deep’ when the issue requires it. She has worked hard to understand evolving technologies and their potential impact on PSAP operations. As a member of the Florida 911 Board, she has honed her skills regarding finance and policy. This clearly puts Laurie in a unique position to help move our national organization, which provides guidance and recommendations on so many aspects of 9-1-1, forward in a meaningful way.”

Chuck SpaldingDirector Palm Beach County Public Safety

  • “Laurie Anderson has established herself as a leader in the industry. She sees the big picture on issues and recognizes the need to involve all the stakeholders. Our agency feels Laurie has our interests and needs on her radar when she is making decisions.”

Captain Jason Ciaschini, Punta Gorda Police Dept.

  • I knew the first time that I met Laurie that this person gets it and gets it quickly. In my opinion, she possesses not only a top notch understanding of her business, but at a very deep level how technology can enhance her ability to deliver higher levels of service. These two attributes result in level of synergy most others in her position strive to achieve.”

     Richard Geremia, Managing Director – Interaction Insight Corporation